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Why Sync Google Photos to Dropbox?

When Google launched Google Photos, they boldly declared that they would perform free unlimited backups of "High-Quality" Photos. However, the situation changes now. Google has now changed the policy of their products, if you upload high-quality images to exceed the prescribed limit, you will pay a certain fee to obtain the corresponding upload space.

If you are a photographer or a corresponding photo editing worker and use Google Photos for pictures storage, this is undoubtedly a worse thing. Photographers often pursue high-quality storage, editing, and organization of pictures. However, the policy of Google Photos changes and the corresponding users may choose other alternative products. After all, Google Photos only provides the function of image storage and sharing.

Google Photos to Dropbox
Google Photos to Dropbox

Not only can photos or pictures be stored, but also corresponding file management and classification can be performed, then this product may be your best choice-Dropbox, which is a file hosting service that not only supports PC but also supports mobile phones.

  • Alternative: Compared with Google Photos, Dropbox, as a cloud storage software, can replace most of the functions of Google Photos, such as photo sharing and storage, and it also provides corresponding storage and management services for other formats of files.
  • Advanced sync features: Furthermore, Dropbox's file-syncing function is faster and supports local syncing, which will greatly save users valuable time, and Dropbox also provides sub-file management functions to better manage or edit your photos.

So, you can backup Google Photos to Dropbox for better photo storing, editing and organization.

How to Sync Google Photos to Dropbox?

Now that the importance of syncing Google Photos to Dropbox is clear, so how to sync your photos from Google Photos to Dropbox becomes the core problem. Many users may choose the traditional method: first download the file locally from Google Photos; then upload the local file to the Dropbox. This method will take up your time greatly, and download and upload will likely fail due to network reasons. Moreover, when you edit the photos in the Google Photo oneday, it will not reflect in the Dropbox. As a result, you might need to mannully download and upload them quite often. So, it is advised to take a more advanced measure.

Here we would like to suggest that you make use of the free multiple cloud storage manager-MultCloud. As its name implies, the MultCloud can connect multiple cloud drive in one platform and manage data across different cloud drives easily without downloading and uploading. Namely, with one login MultCloud, you can transfer, sync or back up cloud data from one cloud to another without switching accounts frequently.

  • Powerful: support 30+ leading cloud drives.
  • Intelligent: 10+ sync modes to make cloud data sync flexible.
  • Automatic: set a time to automatically sync data as scheduled.
  • Real Time: any changes in the source directory will trigger the task.

The following steps you should do before syncing:

Step 1. Visit MultCloud: https://www.multcloud.com and create a free account or use your Google / Facebook account to log in directly.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Log in MultCloud with your email address and add clouds to MultCloud by clicking on the “Add Cloud” button; then select Google Photos to add, then follow the guidance to complete cloud adding.

Add Google Photos
Add Google Photos

Step 3. Add Dropbox to MultCloud in the same way and you will find that both accounts are in the left column of the interface.

Add Dropbox
Add Dropbox


  • MultCloud not only supports the file sync, transfer, and backup of the two cloud drives, and supports other popular cloud drives, such as Google Drive, G Suite, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, Amazon S3, and Box.
  • If you have the corresponding cloud drive accounts which MultCloud supports, you can add them to MultCloud to manage your files better.

Step 4. Sync Google Photos to Dropbox with “Cloud Sync”. Select “Google Photos” as the source and select “Dropbox” as the destination. Then, click “Sync Now” to start the task. (PS.: if you want to sync Dropbox with Google Photos, just switch the source and destination directory.)

Sync Google Photos to Dropbox
Sync Google Photos to Dropbox

What’s more, once you settled a sync task, you can also commit it or re-edit, delete, view logs, etc. from Task List.

Task Manager
Task List


  • If many photos need to be synced, you can close the page at the beginning of the task so as not to prevent you from handling other important tasks, because MultCloud can run the task in the background.
  • You can click "Options" to choose the ways of cloud syncing: One-Way Sync, Two-Way Sync, or Real Time Sync. And there are 7 more detailed sync modes for One-Way Sync.
Cloud Sync Options
Cloud Sync Options

Mirror Sync: extra files in the target directory will be deleted and then files in the source and target directories are always the same.

Move Sync: all the files in the source directory will be deleted once the sync process is done.

Cumulative Sync: when deleting the files in the source directory, the same files in the target directory will not be deleted.

Update Sync: all files in the target directory will be deleted firstly, and then the added and modified files in the source directory will be transferred to it.

Incremental Sync: each time when you sync files, a subdirectory will be created in the target directory so that added and modified files in the source directory will be transferred to it.

Full Backup Sync: each time when you sync files, a subdirectory will be created in the target directory so that all files in the source directory will be transferred to it.


In summary, Multcloud is a free online cloud sync service that integrates “Cloud Sync” and “Cloud Transfer” and other basic functions for file syncing, transferring, and managing.

  • For the “Cloud Sync” function, you can not only sync Google Photos to Dropbox but also can sync Google Drive with other cloud drives, such as sync Google Drive with Dropbox, which can quickly sync files online without complex steps to provide users with a good experience without wasting a lot of time and energy.
  • For the “Cloud Transfer” function, MultCloud can also help you effortlessly transfer photos, videos, and files in other formats between multiple clouds. If necessary, you can transfer photos from Dropbox to Google Photos, or transfer photos from multiple Google Photos accounts to Dropbox.

And for other basic functions, you can find your favorite cloud drives through it and add them to realize multi-cloud management, which makes cloud resource management easier and more convenient. You can try to explore and discover the corresponding functions mentioned above if you need them, it is worth seeing!

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