Chipotle App Not Working on iPhone? 7 Ways to Fix

What to know

  • Chipotle’s app on iOS may not be working for reasons related to network traffic, outdated app versions, and app or account issues. 
  • If Chipotle recently announced new promotions and you’re unable to use its app, it’s probably because Chipotle’s servers are down owing to increased usage. In such cases, you must wait till Chipotle servers are up and running again before you can use its app for ordering food. 
  • You can also try updating the Chipotle app or re-installing it from the App Store to remove any existing glitches that may contribute to your issue. 
  • Check out the post below to learn more fixes. 

If you encounter issues with the working of the Chipotle app on your iPhone, then try the solution given below. 

7 ways to fix the Chipotle app not working issue on iPhone 

If you’re facing issues using the Chipotle app on your iPhone, you can resolve them by checking out the fixes listed below. 

Fix 1: Wait for Chipotle servers to be available

You could also be facing issues within the Chipotle app if Chipotle servers themselves are busy. This could be because the servers may not be able to handle the increase in traffic which may happen during peak hours of business. This may also happen during special promotions when the number of people ordering at the same time increases severalfold.

As reported by users on Reddit, there’s a BOORITO promotion that is active at the time of writing because of which both the Chipotle app and website are facing outage issues. Based on comments from this two-year-old Reddit post, the Chipotle app regularly runs into issues with the same promotion every year. 

If this is the reason for your Chipotle app issue, then you’ll have to wait till Chipotle servers are up and running again before you can use it for ordering food. 

Fix 2: Update the app from the App Store

Occasionally, apps may cease to function properly if you’re running an older version of the app on your iPhone. If you’re unable to place an order, sign in to your account, or use any of its features, then we recommend first updating the Chipotle app to its latest version available on the App Store. 

Fix 3: Turn off VPN

Although VPN is used to keep your online connection secure, using can sometimes cause problems in system functions and some apps installed on your device. Some users have reported that having VPN enabled causes in-app issues inside Chipotle. 

If you have VPN enabled on your iPhone, you can disable it by opening the Settings app and turning off the VPN toggle. 

Fix 4: Log out of the Chipotle app and log back in

If you’re unable to place an order or check for order updates using the Chipotle app, then you can try logging in from your account and then signing back in soon after. You can log out of your account on Chipotle from the Account tab. Once you’re logged out, close the app by swiping it from the App Switcher screen.

Now, open the Chipotle app from your iPhone’s App Library and then sign in to your account using your existing username and password. If for some reason, you’re unable to sign in to your Chipotle account, you can try signing in by entering the first letter in your email address in CAPS. This solution (as shared by this Reddit user) seems to solve several sign-in issues within the app.

Fix 5: Uninstall and re-install Chipotle

In case none of the fixes above worked out, the issue you’re facing could be related to a temporary app or cache issue present on your iPhone. You can resolve this by deleting and re-installing the Chipotle app which would clear out the bugs or incompatibility issues from your device. 

For uninstallation, locate the Chipotle app from your iPhone’s App Library and long-press on it. In the overflow menu that appears, select Delete App and then tap on the Delete option in the prompt that shows up. 

Once the app is deleted, you can reinstall Chipotle on your iPhone by searching for it inside the App Store. You can also use the following link to get to the Chipotle app listing inside the App Store: 

Fix 6: Use instead

In addition to its iOS app, Chipotle also lets you log in to your account on its website. So, if you continue to face issues with the Chipotle app, you can try placing orders or tracking ongoing ones from their website as an alternative method. 

Several users (1,2,3) across Reddit have claimed that they were able to sign in to and use this website when Chipotle’s mobile app isn’t working. 

Once you land on the Chipotle homepage, you can log in to your account by clicking on the Sign In / Join option at the top right corner. From here, you can enter your Chipotle username and password to log into your existing account. 

Fix 7: Try fix 6 and then log in to Chipotle app

If you were able to log in to the website using your existing credentials, then the Chipotle app may also now work on your iPhone. Some users have reported that if you sign into and use the website, this action will also refresh your account on the Chipotle app on the phone. So, you can try the fix 6 from above and then recheck Chipotle’s iOS app to see if your problem has been fixed. 

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