Why Download Torrent Files Directly to MEGA?

In today's development of the information age, some people choose to use players to obtain movie resources, some people choose to watch the information they want on TV channels, and some people choose to obtain the resources by torrent files. To facilitate the next use and sharing with others, these users will also choose to store these resources in the cloud. Then, choosing a good cloud is an important thing.

MEGA: Providing Enough Space to Store Important Files Safely

MEGA is one of the best cloud storage services around, although it cannot obtain application suites from companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox. But MEGA has a 15GB of free storage space, has very strong security, and is also very easy to use.

Compared to other clouds, MEGA provides more free storage space. Besides, all content on MEGA is end-to-end encrypted, which means that neither MEGA nor anyone who issues warrants to MEGA can understand your data. Only you have the right to view the data. Furthermore, MEGA provides a clear interface so that you can view media files, documents, etc. in the browser.

Why Choose Download Torrent Files Directly to MEGA Instead of a Third Party?

If you want to download some torrent files that are important to you, you might download these files locally and then upload them to MEGA.

Network Limit: At present, many users may choose a third-party torrent file downloader to download files locally, but Internet service providers and network administrators often block access to torrent’s P2P file-sharing services. Especially when you access the Internet from a restricted area (school, college, or office).

Speed Limit: In addition to network restrictions, sometimes you may also want to download torrent content at full speed, but third-party downloaders will have the problem of download speed limitation. And once the number of torrents and the number of people downloading this torrent decreases, your file acquisition speed will gradually decrease, and sometimes even download failures will occur.

Considering the two points mentioned above, many users choose to skip the third-party download step and download torrent files directly to the MEGA. Then, which tool can achieve this need?

Download Torrent Files Directly to MEGA Cloud with MultCloud

Fortunately, there is a cloud file manager called MultCloud that can fulfill this requirement.

Why Choose MultCloud?

1. Easy to use: MultCloud supports one-click free registration, so you can select the "Try without signing up" option on the registration interface so that you can register a temporary account. Since MultCloud is a web-based program, you don't need to download any program to use it, you only need a normal browser.

2. Powerful function: MultCloud provides “Remote Upload” function, you can use this function to add torrent files or magnet links to download files to the cloud drive. In addition to this function, MultCloud also supports “Cloud Transfer”, “Cloud Sync” and “Add Cloud” functions. With the assistance of so many functions, you can easily realize torrent file download, cloud to cloud transfer, and cloud to cloud sync, to better manage your cloud files.

3. Supports more than 30 mainstream cloud drives: Currently, MultCloud supports more than 30 popular cloud storage services, such as MEGA, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, G Suite, MEGA, Amazon S3, Box, and so on. If you have corresponding cloud accounts, you can add them to MultCloud to better manage each cloud.

Download Torrent Files Directly to MEGA Cloud in 3 Steps

After choosing the right tool, the next steps are much simpler. You can download torrent files to MEGA in just three steps.

Step 1. Sign Up. Visit MultCloud and create a free account. You need to enter your preferred email, username, and password. Then click "Create Account".

Sign Up
Sign Up

Note: If you select "Guest Access" on the home page to register a temporary account, you'd better remember your temporary account and password to facilitate the next login.

Step 2. Add MEGA Account to MultCloud. Fill in the MEGA email and password information as required, and follow the instructions to grant MultCloud access to the account you are connecting to. Then click the "Add MEGA" button to go to the next step.


Notes: For the same cloud drive provider, there is no limit to the number of cloud drives to be added.

Step 3. Directly Upload Torrent Files to MEGA Cloud. Click the “Remote Upload” from the left side of the interface, then click the “Create Task” button. From the pop-up window, choose MEGA to save the files, and click the “Add Torrent” to select the torrent files you have downloaded on your local devices. Then hit the “Save to Cloud”.

Remote Upload Option
Remote Upload Option

After parsing the torrent file successfully, select the files you want to download, and finally, click the "Download" button to complete this task.

Choose Files to Download
Choose Files to Download

With the above three steps, you can transfer torrent files to MEGA cloud effortlessly. In the “Remote Upload” function, the need for downloading using a third-party downloader is eliminated, and you don’t need to upload files to the cloud. Thanks to this tool, torrent download has become so easy.

Also, some users may feel that the 15GB storage space provided by MEGA is not enough to store a lot of files. If this happens, you can register Google Drive and Box accounts separately, and then add them to MultCloud. You can get 15GB and 10GB of free storage space provided by Google Drive and Box respectively, plus 15GB of MEGA, and your total storage space can be as much as 40GB. It is awesome for you!

Of course, if you have other cloud drives, you can also add them to MultCloud to get more cloud storage for free and better manage all your data. In addition, the “Cloud Transfer” and “Cloud Sync” functions of MultCloud will also allow cloud file management simple and allow clouds easy to operate.

Final Words

After using the above way, you may truly experience the convenience to download torrent files directly to MEGA cloud. With the torrent download, you can easily obtain a variety of resources. Then the cloud can store these files for future use. Also, MultCloud's remote upload function can combine the two, which will bring you an excellent experience.

Some users may prefer to use Google Drive to store files. After all, Google Drive also provides 15GB of free storage space. Moreover, the corresponding Google suite provided by Google has also attracted a large number of users. If you are the above user, MultCloud can also help you download torrents directly to Google Drive.

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