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MultCloud, as a multi-cloud management application, is designed for people managing multiple cloud service accounts in one interface easily. To use MultCloud to help you manage several cloud drives, such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Amazon S3, SugarSync and OneDrive, you should add these cloud storage services to MultCloud first. This article is about this. Next, I will show you how to add cloud storage services to MultCloud and how to remove cloud services from MultCloud.

To add cloud storage services to MultCloud:
  1. Sign up and sign in to MultCloud.
  2. Then you will see the main interface as in the following picture. You can click the "Connect Your First Cloud Service"; button in the middle of the interface or click the "Add Cloud Drives"; button on the left top panel to go to the next page to start adding cloud storage service.

  3. Main Interface of MultCloud

  4. After you click one of mentioned buttons, you will see this select page: "Select a cloud to add". Here, take "Dropbox"; for example, select it first, then click "Next" button.

  5. Select Dropbox to Add

  6. In this step, you should type a display name of your Dropbox account. The default is the brand--"Dropbox". Then click "Add Dropbox Account" button. If you have no Dropbox account, you can also click the hyperlink "here"; to register a Dropbox account. (The register process will be ignored in this article)

  7. Add Dropbox

  8. It will be jumped to the following page automatically when you click the "Add Dropbox Account" button. Enter your email and password of Dropbox account, then click "Sign in".
  9. Sign in Dropbox

  10. Then you will see another page as the following picture. Of course, click the "Allow" button to agree to authorize MultCloud to connect Dropbox.
  11. Allow MultCloud to access Dropbox

  12. Now it is finished adding Dropbox to MultCloud. If you want to add another cloud storage service. Click the "Add Cloud Drives" on the left top panel please.
Dropbox in MultCloud

To remove cloud services from MultCloud:

Right click the cloud drive list--Dropbox on the left panel, there will be a "Remove" option. Just select it to remove Dropbox from MultCloud.

Remove Dropbox From MultCloud

  • When you are adding Dropbox to MultCloud, you do not need to enter your Dropbox account's username and password because the authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth, which is a standard authorization framework that enables third party applications to build up a connection to HTTPS services without username and password required. However, there are exceptions. For example: SugarSync, WebDav and FTP, when you are adding them to MultCloud, which need you to enter the email address and password of these accounts. (see picture below)

  • Add SugarSync

  • Another complex situation is adding Amazon S3 to MultCloud that need you to enter your Bucket Name, Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. For how to get them, please visit How to get your AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

Add Amazon S3